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We provide Spray Foam retrofit to Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas by certified and trained technicians. These services are provided for both residential and commercial applications. Our spray foam retrofit services can be applied to any existing structure. Our services are reliable and we stand by our work. Whether you have a new structure or an existing one, our services can provide you with the results that you are looking for.

We are always on time and we stand by our work. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will make it right.

Open Cell Versus Closed Cell Foam and Which Is Right for You

The difference between open cell and closed cell foam varies in insulation effectiveness, density, rigidity, moisture resistance, and also cost.

An open cell foam is where the bubble cell structures are open to the atmosphere that it’s installed in so the cells are not completely encapsulated. This open structure means the insulation is not as rigid but has a difference use case than a closed cell foam. Open cell insulation is often useful in hard-to-reach areas because of the foams ability to expand up to 3 inches of thickness. This ability to expand means it typically will only take one application of spray foam. The rapid expansion of an open cell foam means it is also less dense than a closed cell foam.

The downside of an open cell foam is that the R-value or insulation ability is not as good as a closed cell insulation. Because of this, the price of open cell foam is less expensive than closed cell.

A closed cell foam insulation is a fully encapsulated cell opposed to a partially encapsulated cell structure of an open cell foam. This closed structure results as a more rigid structure once sprayed which can also help the improve the rigidity of the structure the foam is being sprayed onto. With the cells being closed, there is a stronger insulation barrier which result in a larger R-value than an open cell insulation. Closed cell foam is more dense than open cell meaning it is heavier per application area which also helps with rigidity.

When applying a closed cell insulation, the material only expands about 1 inch or so compared to the few inches an open cell insulation expands. Because the cells are closed, it is relatively moisture resistant and can provide a vapor barrier keeping outside moisture insulated from the indoor air. The downside of closed cell insulation is that it is more costly than open cell insulation, but for a good reason!

Closed Cell Insulation

  • Fully encapsulated cells
  • More rigid structure
  • Higher R-values
  • More dense
  • Vapor barrier
  • Less expansion during installation (about 1″ thickness)
  • More costly than open cell

Open Cell Insulation

  • Semi encapsulated cell bubbles
  • Easier to install in hard to reach areas
  • Only takes one application
  • Not as rigid as closed cell
  • Lesser R-values
  • Less dense
  • More expansion during installation (up to 3″ thickness)
  • Less expensive material cost

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